About Us

What is Grunge Attire?

Grunge Attire is not for the normal. 

Grunge Attire a site that was set up in 2017 with the aim to provide affordable and great clothing for those have a love for all things punk, grunge and alternative.

It is for those that love the alternative music scene but aren't bothered with getting 'dressed- up'.

It is for those that don't care about fashion (but, actually do), and also hate boring common trends you see in every high street and mall.


Why Grunge?

Grunge Attire was launched in 2017 to pay homage to the grunge scene, including the grunge fashion style.

The site was created for those that love rock music (especially grunge, punk and indie), but don't feel comfortable wearing 'all-black' clothing. I wanted to create a site that sold rock clothing that didn't represent heavy metal or goth (both, great genres). I was tired of not finding the 'right' look.


We knew there had to be an answer!

So, after finding the best grunge rock styles, Grunge Attire was born.

Whatever I have done in life, I have tried to offer the best possible service to people as possible and Grunge Attire is no exception. If there is something you aren't quite happy with, or there is something you can't find, then feel to send us a message. We aim to respond to enquiries within 24-hours.


Future plans for Grunge Attire will include creating original designs, so watch this space...