With it being the film awards season, and cinemas are showing the latest and greatest flicks that may or may not do well at such events; we at Grunge Attire thought we would create our own mini-award ceremony - in the form of a blog post.

There are a lot of good films currently out at the moment, including Marvel's Black Panther, Phantom Thread, Darkest Hour and the Shape of Water, but what about the films that once graced the silver screens and received the top honours and accreditations? 

Recently, music magazine, NME awarded Gaga: Five Foot Two, best music film, and in recent years there have been a lot of good music films and documentaries that you need to see; all of which make great evening viewing, chilling or rocking out to.

Just to clarify, these films are about characters (real or made-up) that play or are influenced by music. These are not musicals.



Currently ranked #45 in the Top Movies on IMDB and as well as that, it was awarded 3 Oscars in 2015, with J.K. Simmons collecting the Best Supporting Actor accolade. 

It's fun, intriguing, exciting, scary and full of surprises and hurt. 

Miles Tenner plays Andrew, a freshman at a music school where he plays the drums and is pushed to the very limits by Simmon's character to become the very best drummer he can possibly be. He literally bleeds, splits-up with his girlfriend, and even attends a live performance despite being in a car accident. Both Tenner and Simmon's characters aren't particularly likeable people, but you do respect them and it does show what it can take to be extremely good at something within your field. 

Straight Outta Compton

The 2015 film biopic about the formation, rise, and fall of one of the greatest and well-known gangster rap bands of all-time, N.W.A. 

Set in the mid-1980s, this film showcases how 5 rappers from Los Angelas would go onto revolutionise Hip-hop culture by talking about their lives in the hood.

A really gripping story that covers different topics, such as the LA police, racism, creating records, signing deals, solo careers and also death.

If you're not a fan of Hip-hop, this film will most definitely make you appreciate the genre, if you already didn't before. 

School of Rock

During Richard Linklater's 12 year production of his award-winning film, Boyhood, he made the rock-comedy, School of Rock, starring Jack Black. It has since been turned into a musical due to its success.

The story is, Jack Black, a supply teacher accidentally stumbles upon a class of children that can play instruments, and so he get's the idea to form a rock band, and thus teaches him the way of rock music.


Another award-winning music drama; this time about the famous composer, Amadeus Mozart. Based on the screenplay by Peter Shaffer - for which he won an Oscar.

Amadeus is about jealousy, greed, self-loathing and driving one's self-insane with the thought of death and not being worthy enough.

It's a very long film, but it is an extremely well crafted one at that, with a fantastic score and cast to-boot.

Walk the Line

Another biopic, and this time it is about Country-Rock legend, Johnny Cash and his life in Arkansas to recording records with Sun Records and meeting his future wife, June Carter.

Funny, sad and exciting with two great lead performances by Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon.