Are you looking for a new look?

You've been trying for ages, but nothing really says ,'me'...

It can be hard trying to find your unique look without looking too much like everyone else. The world is full of unique people and unique ideas, however, there isn't a problem with looking for suggestions.

Here are 5 top pastel grunge looks you need to see.

Pink and Black.

A vibrant pink mini-skirt with black stockings and a white t-shirt is all you need. Ideally wear a band t-shirt or something humorous. This look is playful, but punk at the same time.

Cardigan and Skirt

pastel grunge cardigan

A good choice for the Spring and Autumn months as it combines both a mini-skirt and a cardigan; making it great for festivals or just chilling with friends at the mall. Complete the look with leggings or tights, black shoes or boots, jewellery and a hat if you so wish.

Double Denim

pastel grunge denim

A guide to pastel grunge looks would not be complete without denim. Sometimes wearing double denim can be a brave move, but this look certainly pulls it off.

Ideal for the warmer months of the year; this look is complete with a denim jacket with frilly or colourful designs and denim shorts. You could wear boots or pumps; up to you.

Perfect for festivals.

Dungarees and a light top

pastel grunge dungarees

Dungarees, a classic 90's pastel grunge look. Available in denim or tartan patterned. Goes well with a lighty shaded top, a pair of tights and boots. Ideal for many occassions such as gigs, festivals, socialising, whenever. It is a classic look that is actually rather simple.

A hat is essential to complete the look. Try and see what suits you best.

 Colourful on the outside...

pastel grunge colourful

But Dark on the inside. For those that love Nintendo and all things baby blue and shocking pink. This classic pastel look is grungy, but without the darkness and gloom. This is for those that love grunge, but also like to be excentric and bubbly. Ideally you would wear a colourful flannel shirt, t-shirt and possibly colourful leggings too. Oh, and don't forget the hair too. 

Basically if you love pink and baby blue, you'll love this look.


So, you don't have to wear dark clothes to be into rock music and grunge if that isn't your thing. These are some of the classic pastel grunge looks that will turn heads at the skatepark or at your next gig.

Try these essential looks now and tell us what you think.