Sometimes knowing what to wear can be tricky. You may have your own style, and you might have your favourite shirt or blouse, but now and then, we want a break from the norm and we want to try something new. 

A good place to get inspiration is on social media sites, such as Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. The latter is a great platform in particular to find others interested in grunge, alternative, goth and punk fashion. The best Instagram influencers (account users) are those that post regularly (a couple of days at least) and have a good amount of user engagement.

So, if you are in dire need of inspiration, here are 5 grunge fashion Instagram accounts that you need to follow:



This account has a large selection of items, but what differs from the rest is that there aren't any models, but instead 'model-less' clothes and relatable images that fit the style of each garment. Very professional and very unique...Not only that, but her choices are very good - a mix of modern and retro, for both men and women - A fantastic collection. A must see!!!

>>> criesingrunge <<<



A collection of the best grunge clothing styles from around the world. This profile showcases a lot of black and dark tones, however, there are some pastel grunge styles thrown-in too. The models in the pictures are in public places or in bedrooms, which gives them an aura of realism and authenticity in relation to whether or not they would be something that you would wear. 

The profile seems to be updated a few times a week and there seems to be something for every woman of different sizes, moods and situations.

>>> grunge_clothing_style <<<



 I really like this profile, mainly because it mixes both modern and 90's classic grunge styles into one fantastic collection. There are some fantastic ideas to choose from here; shoes, jumpers, t-shirts and shirts - for both men and women.

>>> dark.societtty <<<


If you love black, chequered patterned trousers then this profile is must see. This user clearly has stuck with a particular colour palette and style. Most of the images are of people with their faces cropped-out - giving you the suggestion as to what the items might look like if they were on you. Women dominant this profile, but there are a couple guys here too.

Ideal for those that love going to gigs and students.

Usually posts 3 times a week.

>>> grunge.rosex <<<



A very millennial take-on a retro style. This profile is what the 90's would have looked like if smartphones were popular back then...but, instead, all we had was GameBoys. This profile is definitely for the students out there and the struggling artists and also for those that just don't want to 'fit in'.

>>> fashionrblog <<<



I think you'll agree that there are a lot of good sources of inspiration on social media. Let us know in the comments section below if there is an account that you feel must be on here.