Ok, we get it. You like grunge fashion. But, is Grunge Attire not enough for you?Although we are aiming to update our content on a weekly basis, we have to admit, there are bloggers that we just admire. Recently, we came across some awesome and essential grunge fashion Tumblr blogs that we thought were too good not be followed and mentioned. 

If you are unfamiliar with Tumblr, it is a 'microblogging' site. Similar to other social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace), but catered to bloggers and vloggers. It is similar to Pinterest too, where users can display images to display their mood or to simply showcase something.

If you are feeling the need for inspiration, then look no further than these top 10 essential grunge fashion Tumblr blogs:




Dark and somewhat morbid; this blog is a mix of grunge style clothing and footwear, and pictures of death, sadness and anger. You should be able to get some good ideas from this blog about the look and feeling you want from your grunge look.

Grunge Outfits Ideas

Grunge outfit ideas

A large collection of grunge-inspired fashion. Boots, t-shirts, shorts, accessories and jeans; this profile is packed full of inspiration and American teen spirit. My only negative criticism is that some of the imagery is repeated, but other than that, a must-see blog.   

Optional Xlife


Now for something a bit different... Optional Xlife's blog is a bright, colourful and gorgeously curated blog that will interest anyone that likes pastel fashion. 

This blog has a wide variety of styles, not just grunge. 

There are fashion, makeup and style tips, so give this blog a look.



essential grunge fashion tumblr blog

A blog that is a mix of 'bright and cheerful' and 'dark and humorous'. With summer just around the corner, this profile is great for anyone wanting to find a summer-grunge look. There are also inspirations for guys too.


Punk Fashion-but not really

grunge fashion tumblr blog

I like the name, and I also like the approach of this blog too. It is heavily aimed at advertising jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses. The there doesn't seem to be an image that doesn't seem out of place. Also, the blogger seems to be quite a caring person too, with posts about help and awareness throughout. 

Aesthetic Outfits Girly

grunge fashion tumblr blog

 A collection of images and gifs aimed at women in their teens or twenties. This blog focuses on pastel colours, denim as well as the feeling of being alone and moody.

That Alternative Chic

A large collection of 90's inspired clothing accessories for you to ponder and wonder at. It's quite clear the blogger is interested in fishnets, pastel, band shirts and denim...So if you are too then this a great collection for you. This is ideal for those in their teens or early twenties.



grunge fashion tumblr blog

A blog that consists mostly of monochrome images and text messages. This blog is essentially a diary of emotions with grunge fashion being at the forefront. There is strong grunge and punk vibe here, so be sure to check it out.


Grunge Trash

Grunge Trash

A blog that captures alternative fashion culture very well. Images galore of band t-shirts, denim, t-shirts and black. A good selection of clothing that we keep an eye on for future development.


grunge fashion tumblr blogs

If you fancy going back-in-time to the 90's, then this Tumblr blog is exactly what you need. As well as some brilliantly curated grunge style clothing, there are loads mentions of 90's pop culture, such as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Nintendo 64, Nirvana, Oasis, Cartoon Network and much, much more. Check it out.