In previous posts, I have spoken about the top Instagram and bloggers that you should follow in regards to alternative/grunge fashion advice. This post is going to be about the best alternative fashion vloggers on YouTube that you need to follow. 

If you are someone that hates scrawling through large amounts of text (I'll try and keep this short) then why not try video?

There are some really useful vloggers online that can help you give you the fashion advice that you desperately want. Not only are they useful, but the videos are produced to a 'fun' standard, so you should be engaged, resisting the need to switch-over to that cat video that you really don't need to watch.

top 5 alternative vloggers 


Vivian de Faria 

 Vivian offers a wide variety of videos ranging from her Lookbook videos, grunge styles and hair and makeup tutorials. A must see for anyone into alternative fashion.

Crystal Lindy

 Hauls, hair and beauty advice; Crystal Lindy's channel has everything that you need to get your grunge look sorted. This is definitely for all women that like to play with makeup and explore new hairstyles.


This Spanish vlogger has created an awesome YouTube channel that is full of advice on how to create a Tumblr and Instagram page, as well as creating an awesome alternative retro look. From makeup, shoes and Halloween and Christmas outfits, there is something for all seasons with Deaddsouls.


Mei Mew

A channel dedicated to aesthetics, grunge and also pastel grunge looks. The channel may not have a lot of videos, but it has received a lot of views and I can only predict good things for this channel.


Lilithas Bones

 Ava hails from England, and on her channel, she discusses a variety of topics such as piercing, shopping hauls, life advice, hair tutorials and of course alternative fashion advice. 


 So, if you are someone that loves the world of YouTube and vlogging, then make sure that you check out these 5 top YouTubers. And be sure to subscribe because sometimes they offer giveaways too...