In 2014 rain changed Glastonbury into some sort of a mudbath, but that didn't dampen most people's spirits.

glastonbury 2015 larry bartleet nme

Therefore it is safe to say that the legacy of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers is alive and well in the minds of festival-goers. With this being said, the rain on the festivals doesn't mean it's not possible to dress for the occasion. Here is a countdown of five trends that you can save for a rainy day. 

5. Bum bags.

girls Holi festival of colours Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

 At some point carrying those meant only that you are at work and you need to be able to give people change quickly, it was a practical and unfashionable item. In 2018 every self-respecting store had at least a few bum-bags to offer, in different colours and shapes, and if they were metallic or in neon colour - they were perfect for those fashion-conscious. It goes without saying that this item, rain or no rain, is just very practical to carry your things in, whether your hands need to be holding an umbrella, or simply need to be in the air as you're jumping up and down. 

4. Wellies.

wellies Birmingham Live Festival Justine Halifax

Again, an item that used to be the very definition of cliche. Fiction writers could introduce their morally corrupt characters as entering the room in the wellies still dripping wet. To demonstrate said character doesn't care about making a mess and they completely don't care about their clothes. The wellies were the very proof that someone was as practical as possible - which meant completely unfashionable. If you want to know who to blame for this - fashion designers of the 90s. That is when the very idea of practicality triumphing overlooks became the very staple of unfashionable.

Madonna Jaun Paul Gaultier baby carriage runway 1995

This is the image of Madonna as she is finishing the Summer/Spring Jaun Paul Gaultier's 1995. She went out dressed in the above dress, with the baby carriage. Nobody could see what was in that carriage - until the very end. It was a puppy. Yep. The 90s really valued luxury and performance over down to earth aspect of fashion. 

Which were another factor that made Kurt Cobain's music and clothes stand out so much in the very same era...

It is the very introduction of grunge fashion into the mainstream that also made room for practicality - as grunge would never be grunge if it lost the aspect of being down to earth.

Patrick Pankalla Denmark Hunter Wellies

And that's how a bum bag or wellies can be fashionable in 2018 - while in the 90s they would have been disqualified regardless of their looks or style purely because of practicality. And that, kids, is one example of how fashion develops over time.

Festival wellies mud fashion summer 2018

3. Kimono

Amanda Wizping Lookbook

Kimonos are everything right now. 

Vanessa Hudgens kimono grunge fringe style

Look at this. Just look. Look how Vanessa Hudgens, a Disney starlet through and through, manages to look in this. Shes no longer candy in the flesh, she is mysterious, interesting and so sexy. It's not just the lace of the skirt, the choker, glasses or properly styled hair. It's the kimono that is topping this image, it's making the stylisation whole. What makes the whole image really sing is the detail of the dress - mesh - and the fact that this kimono isn't clear velvet, but also has applications, fringe, uneven surface. This connection makes this so amazing. 

Tessa Diamondly Spell Desert Rose Kimono

So obviously the term "kimono" is somewhat insulting to its origin, but a language is alive and therefore in 2018 "kimono" doesn't mean "geisha's essential item of clothing" but more like a duster, long cardigan, simply coat that isn't supposed to be keeping you warm. There is plenty of designs sure to fit all kinds of tastes. 

Tessa Diamondly Boho Kimono

This is also Tessa Diamondly, fashion blogger from Germany, in a boho kimono paired exactly with the hottest trend of the summer - ripped denim shorts and simple black tee. 

I personally went overboard and currently have 4 different long "kimonos" in my wardrobe, two plain dusters and one grey-beige chiffon with insanely interesting detail. This detail:

Taken just for you dear reader:)

2. Raincoat

Raincoat Galen Liu China

Not the same as kimono. Raincoat is an item that in my mind is as far away from fashionable as possible, as you can buy it in many shops with an attached tiny bag to carry it and wear it only as needed. It's a fantastic example of what grunge brought into fashion and how without grunge which legitimizes all clothes grounded in reality - many items we consider awesome today would never ever be considered trendy. T in the Park Strathallan Castle Pertshire Festival Goers

But the wonderful thing about changing times is that if as a teenager I would have shown up to a rainy event in the clothes above my peers would consider me bested by the weather. Today young people no longer bash gays and no longer believe that wearing a raincoat in the rain is lame. To young people today (younger than me) the idea that a raincoat in the rain would be lame sounds crazy as they realize this is just practical. Also, they do not use the word "lame". 

1. Mom jeans

When I was in my criminology class, my professor explain to us that cities divide into zones and that over time, zones transform. So what hundred years ago was the poorest and most dangerous part of the town, now gets bought by developers who clean heroin needles and make these factories into incredible apartments. 

factory house Long Island City

The rent monthly is only $2,595,000. 

So thing is - Mom Jeans was such a cliché, that Saturday Night Live made a sketch about it. If you want to see it, please click on this wonderful logo.

Mom Jeans Saturday Night Live

 I think was 2017 when I noticed alongside other designs of Topshop Denim made to fit all eleven-year-olds to all seventeen-year-olds - the very openly described "Mom Jeans". 

Kendal Jenner in mom jeans

So this is Kendal Jenner in mom jeans and I don't know about you, dear reader, but I see someone who has never been pregnant but I certainly think that all attempts at achieving pregnancy should be happening regardless of me having a functional penis or not. 

My point is, she is insanely attractive. Even though she is wearing mom jeans. 

Even though mom jeans are made to be unflattering in their design - they enhance nothing, squeeze nothing, they show off the body already present and therefore no one with a body that just isn't attractive can look good in them. I personally can't fit into Topshop's denim, therefore they're not something that is in my wardrobe. 

Katarzyna Klara Zarod Poland mom jeans elegant streetwear Lookbook

But this is another Polish girl in mom jeans just for you, my reader, so you can see that being sexy clearly is possible in all kinds of clothes, even those made to look unflattering. Especially those made to look unflattering. That's how fashion happens. Notice also that this lady included everything currently hot in her outfit. 90s style thing glasses rips in jeans, sneakers, white top, animal print shawl and western buckle silver belt plus silver cross pendant. 

And very thick eyebrows she rocks. This is always a good way to recognize a fashionable girl - thick eyebrows that somehow look awesome. 

So this concludes my countdown. To make myself feel better about my hips, I am just going to buy something I can rock no matter what. Or even that requires hips and accentuated waist to look good. 

Harness Grunge Attire

This will do.