As always summer has come and it exploded in a heatwave that makes us all ask: "Is this a punishment for Trump not believing global warming? A demonstration of sorts?".

I haven't slept under a blanket in two weeks! So I am relieved that thankfully fashion gives me the opportunity to walk half-naked in style. Here is a list of items that you are sure to see people wearing on all musical events of 2018! 


  1. Mermaid

mermaid festival attire

The mermaid trend assumes thin materials, flowy, slinky, summery. It can be made with sequins, it can be made with an iridescent effect. Interestingly, the mermaid trend was always somewhere on the fringe, but this year it walked in loudly in sequin-adorned martens and demanded a seat at the main table for good.

Ksenia_L Ariel Eric grunge stylisation mermaid grunge


 This isn't an accident that the mermaid trend became mainstream now - grunge is responsible for it. Sequins, shells, embellishments, body jewellery and all sorts of ways mermaid can be manifested are too cute and too pink on their own- the best way to balance them is with grunge. A western-style biker jacket completely covered in iridescent sequins would be too much unless there are also ankle boots and ripped jeans to accompany it. Change also hair colour for the ever popular pastels, and there you go! The sheer difference between mermaid style and normal everyday clothes ensures that mermaid is a fantastic pick for any event, whether Coachella to let people know you have your finger on the pulse - or just a night out.


  1. Fishnetslupsona fishnet jeans style mermaid mesh under

We're still quite close to the mermaid area, more importantly, the sea. Another item that usually resided within the fringe or burlesque, was rediscovered and allowed into the mainstream in a form more creative than just stockings. The absolute hottest trend is to wear fishnet exactly like these below...

Shanina M Shaik Victoria's Secret Model shorts denim fishnet distressed festival coachella


or with normal shorts reaching hips and fishnet under tights reaching the belly button height. Again, trend fitting perfectly with lazy, messy and effortless styles of wear, fitting perfectly into grunge and in some cases, seamlessly combining something that could never be combined without cringe before - gothic and grunge. 


 Aloce Lockhart Mesh Hoodie Goth x Grunge

  1. Chainmail

how to style chainmail top popsugar Florie Mwanza

A trend I personally didn't see coming, but now that it's here. I can understand why it fits so well in 2018. As the picture shows, chainmail dresses are all the rage, but sadly they have the requirement of a perfect body in order to be worn without fear. The other incarnation of chainmail trend is much easier to enjoy for those of us who aren't models - chainmail bralets. 

this wild side boutique chainmail bralette


This incredible trend is sure to be popular at this summer's festivals, as it can be paired with immortal ripped denim shorts and ankle boots for a look that isn't overdressed but still makes one hell of a statement. 


  1. Body jewellery


Again, not far away from mermaid trend and not far away from fishnets. Bringing together all these three in a single stylization is sure to blow everyone away, no matter what.  If you're wearing those, the event is sure celebrated in style! The faux stones are large, patterned, made for breasts or forehead, large, sparkly and iridescent. They aren't that expensive and they can be bought in pre-made patterns saving the hassle of having to puzzle them together. Another version of this trend is body chains - especially paired with swimsuits.


Ajai Umesh photography; model - Mekha; Jewelery-Sarika, body jewels


They're larger than those proposed by stores in past summers, they're supposed to be loud, chunky and colourful. What again is incredibly interesting is that in previous years similar jewellery was to be worn as high glam, with heels and expensive dresses and elegant haircuts. No such thing this time - this year body adornment is to be coupled with rugged shorts and ankle boots!


  1. Bardot 

Kendal Jenner Kardashion bardot bare arms white style

In a continued wave of returns from years ago, bardots are here to probably stay. The trend is slightly different then in previous summer years, namely, the ruffle is here, but the fabric is supposed to be smooth, even slinky if possible. Long sleeve, short sleeve, no ruffle - in form of bodysuits and crop tops, bardots are brought down to a normal item of clothing, not necessarily a sign of a serious occasion or desire to show off too much flesh. white bardot long sleeve denim girl style

Jersey fabric and smoothness make bardots an everyday normal wear and if you're curious - yes. Like every single item on that list, ripped denim shorts are THE way to wear it. 

This is probably the most comfortable to wear an item from all trends proposed here as the modern creation of clothes allows designers to make them in everyday fabrics and comfy fits. They definitely will be worn a lot this summer, whether with headscarves and tassel or sleek with simple jeans.

 Gigi Hadid Linda Lundqvist puffy bardot crop top yellow grunge style

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