90's grunge fashion icons

The 1990's was the decade that brought the Seattle sound to the world, thanks to bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Mudhoney.

But, it wasn't just the bands that were rocking the grunge style in the 90's, many other celebrities were too. From flannel shirts to leather jackets, check out this article about the 90's grunge fashion icons, and copy their style with our tips on how to do so.

Courtney Love

 90's grunge fashion icons Courtney love

The lead singer of LA's, Hole was the godmother of the kinderwhore style. There are other female rockers that wore a similar style, but Love's celebrity status bought this style into the mainstream. Her look was something similar to a Barbie-girl, but with an attitude.

Tip: To get here look, wear barrettes, ripped tights for a punky look, chunky boots such as Doc Martens, white frilly dresses, Peter Pan collared dresses and of course, a trusty tiara. 


Neve Campbell

90's grunge fashion icons Neve Campbell

Best known for her role in the horror film series, Scream, Neve Campbell's iconic grunge look came from her breakthrough role in Party of Five. A show that pretty much brought flannel shirts into the mainstream.

Tip: To copy Neve's 90's look, wear baggy jumpers, flannel shirts, jeans, and dark dresses and lots of denim


Kurt Cobain

90's grunge fashion icons Kurt Cobain

 A list about grunge fashion would not be complete without the legendary Nirvana frontman. With flannel shirts, torn jeans, Converse shoes, ripped jumpers and messy hair, Cobain's look was iconic back in the 90's and still is today, with many people copying parts of his look. 

We have already created an article on how to dress like Kurt Cobain, so check it out.

Drew Barrymore

90's grunge fashion icons Barrymore

I must admit, but until researching this post, I did not realise that Drew Barrymore was quite the grunge icon in the 90's. It's fair to say, she totally killed it with her denim jackets and messy hairstyles. 

Tip: Wear denim jackets, shorts/jeans, make your hair messy and wear a low-cut top.

Eddie Vedder

90's grunge fashion icons eddie vedder

Another musical legend that gained worldwide fame from the Seattle scene(although originally from San Diego and Illinois). His look less 'rougher' that Cobain's, and perhaps more in-line with the Dude's style from The Big Lebowski. The best way to describe his look would be skater/lumberjack. 

Tip: Shorts, flannel shirt, t-shirt and chunky footwear.

Gwen Stefani

90's grunge fashion icons Gwen Stefani

Pop/punk and a style that has an attitude. Gwen Stefani's fashion style sure was unique and it is quite clear that she paved the way for how some artists dress today.

Tip: Checkered trousers, flannel shirt, crop-top or vest and boots.

Chris Cornell

90's grunge fashion icons Chris Cornell

Funnily enough, Chris Cornell's fashion style is not too dissimilar to Eddie Vedder's, however, it appears to be a more 'cleaner' and 'grown-up' look.

 Tip: Shorts or jeans, flannel shirt and a band t-shirt.

Claire Danes

90's Grunge Fashion Icons Everyone Should Know Claire Danes

The Homeland star and the actress that played Juliet in Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet, but she also a grunge look to her too. She didn't look as rebellious as Drew Barrymore, but she looked more like the girl-next-door.

Tip:  Flannel shirts, boots, jeans


90's grunge fashion icons l7

 Although not from Seattle, this all-female group were heavily part of the grunge scene in the 90's with their distorted sound punk attitude not taking nonsense. These were women with a voice and not to be messed with.

Tip: Band t-shirts or vests, ripped jeans, flannel shirt, necklaces and sunglasses.


This our list of the most the best 90's grunge fashion icons. Anyone we missed?

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